We currently have 3 methods for you to add funds. Process time for this is 1 hr Login to your account first, if your using a desktop then you will see a deposit icon just next to logout and if your using a phone click on the your profile to display the deposit icon

Method 1

    1. Click on deposit  Click here
    2. Enter the amount
    3. Select process payment
    4. Select Submit payment on verifying that its correct
    5. You will receive an approval on your phone
    6. Enter your secret PIN
    7. Select yes to authorize the deposit


Please note that this method applies to both Mtn and Airtel  

Method 2

Cash payment in any of our shops. Go to any of our shops and ask the cashier to deposit money to your account, Present your username, Phone number and the amount you wish to deposit,

Method 3

As an alternative to pegasus deposit, MTN Paybill or shop, You can send your Money to our number 0776565402. Make sure you include your username as reason. The Airtel number accepts payments is 0702182014 . Make sure you include your username as reason.

Method 4

Paybills. Coming Soon……